Saturday, July 7, 2012

Miss My Blog ..Yeah !

AnnyeongHaseyoo ...

L'manya tya bka b'logg hmpir 3 bulan swaa kn ..
Umm , cmna gak t'lmpau bzy maa s'kola ..dancee lgey ..
btw , eyqa ada mw share maa kmuw smha ,actually
eyqa bwu juk hbisz ekut My School Rock  ..
walaupun tya dpat ranking top 10 ..Eyqa b'sukur sgt d'pat ekutt utk kli yg prtmaa .
Oh ! bnyak pengalamn yg BEST tyme d'sna ..dpat gy jumpa artis ..and d'pat jmpa bnyak kwaang bnyaak bwu arhh ..
Wonderful Time org bilank ..hhe ! :)

Now ..time to think about STUDY yeahh ..
No More Dance ..No More outdoor activities !
TIME TO FOCUS ..Beybeh !

Soo ..that's all fr0m today ..Next Time ,
I will share about my SON2L0Y0 CR3W  !
It's awesome story about my member'z !
i will tell u later ..okay !

Kamshamniedaa ..Blogger's !
See U Soon .. :)

= Don't forget to Leave ur Cutie Comment ..oky !
Saranghaeyo ..

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