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Ujian Setara 1 Bulan February

Assalamualaikum dn AnnYeonghaseyoo..

Shafieka hamnieda. .

  • Hurmmh..Ndaq lma lgy Ujian setara 1..Bulan february lagy tuw..Bulan Birthday Eiqa..huhu..~_~
    Tahun lalu,tyme pperiksaan ,Eiqa ggal Mathematic..Jdy oleh krana satu mtaplajrn ggal smua pun dianggap ggal..Eiqa sdey tuwl tyme tuw..tpy mukha sntiasa snyum  juk..bwart2 riang nheyh..hhaxx,
  • Tahun neyh..*2012*..Sikit gy Eiqa mw kna pindh Klas..,Nasib Baik kna bagy 1 lgy Pluang tuk kekal d Klas Alim..*klas Alim neyh..Klas Pndai..Klas yg 1st gtuw.,h0h0."Bangga swa neyh"*Lepas Ujian Setara 1 neyh..Bru kna Check balik seyph yg Gagal Ujian stara1 neyh..N then..bru Kna Pindah Klas..Hrap2 Eiqa ndaq Ggal gy Ujian stara 1 nhy..klau Ggal.,Malu bh niyh kna Pndah klas..hhe..
  • Ummph..,Spanjg cuti Tahun Baru China neyh..,Eiqa mesty blajar,ulangkaji ap yg ptut..Mesty 'PERAH OTAK'..Ndaq ley  gy ulang kesilpn yg lalu..mesty Brusaha..K`!!!huhu..
  • juk tuk Ary nhey,Eiqa mw Kongsi ma Bloggers smua..
    Kashamnieda bab Baca Blog Eiqa N jady Follower eiqa..

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Friday, January 20, 2012


Girl Generation Profile

Girl Generation :Taeyeon,Jessica,Tiffany,Seohyun,Sunny,Yoona,Soo Young,Hyoyeon N Yuri. .


*Birth Name : Kim Taeyeon*Date Of Birth : 9 March 1989 (09-03-1989)
*Discovery : 2004 8th Annual Best Contest ( Best Singer 1st Place & Grand Award )
*School : JeonJu High School
*Experience : Solo "if" ,Hong Gil Dong Ost and "Can You Hear Me",Beethoven Virus Ost , Heading To The Ground Ost
*Position : Main Vocalist N Leader
*Received the YEPP Popularity Awards for her solo "Can You Hear Me" ,Beethoven Virus Ost
*Has been part of the reality show "WE GOT MARRIED" with her virtual husband Jung-Hyung-Don
*Former DJ of Chin Chin Radio
*Was one of the co-ost of KBS celebrity talk show "Win Win"
*Starred in the Musicals "Midnight Sun"

*Birth Name: Jessica Jung/Jung Soo-Yeon*Date Of Birth : April 18 1989 (18-04-1989)
*Discovery : 2000 SM casting system*School : Korea Kent Foreign School
*Position : Main Vocalist
* Starred as Elle Woods On Korea's Legally Blonde Musical
*Did a Duet with Park Myungsoo for their single "NaengMyun"(cold Noodles)
*Has a younger sister named Krystal,which is a part of the girl group F(X)

*~Jessica was born and raised in San Francisco,California and is fluent in EnGLISH.She moved to Korea when she was 11 for training.She released 2 single alongside with Seohyun N Tiffany :Bad Oppa N Mabinogi@It's Fantastic.Jessica also starred in Jo Han Kim's music vdeo ,"Love is late,I'm sorry" and Super Junior M's 'Super Girl'.

*Birth Name : Stephanie Hwang Miyoung
*Date of birth : August 1 1989 (01-08-1989)

*Discovery : 2004 casting system (Los Angeles,California*School :Korea Kent Foreign School
*Position : Lead Vocalist
*Hosted Music core with Yuri
*Had released her first single titled "By Myself"
*Cast in the 2011 musical titled "Fame"

*Tiffany was raised in DIamond Bar,California and is Fluent in ENGLISH.She was discovered in the SM Starlight Casting System 2004 in Los Angeles and began her training under the label until the debut of Girl Generation.Along with Seohyun and Jessica,she released a single,"BAD BOYFRIEND" n Mabinogi@It's fantastic . .

*Birth Name : Seo Joohyun
*Date of Birth :June 281991 (28-06-1991)
*Discovery : 2003 SM casting system
*School : Daeyoung High School
*Position : Lead Vocalist ,Maknae
*2004 Smart Uniform Model
*Went to the reality show "WE GOT MARRIED" (2010-2011) with her husband Yonghwa CN BLUE Vocalist.
*featured in TRAX .,"OH MY GODNESS"MV

*Seohyun is the youngest member of the Girl Generation.She also a Pianist.Along with Tiffany and Jessica,they released a Single : "BAd OPPA n Mabinogi@It's fantastic".On february 17 2009 the digital release of the song,:"GO TO SLEEP,LET GO TO SLEEP".She sang with Jung Hyun Mi.


*Birth Name : Lee Sunkyu
*Date of Birth : May 15 1989 (15-05-1989)
*Discovery : 2007 SM casting system
*School : Baehwa All Girls High School
*Position : Lead Vocalist
*Participated in KBS Invicible Youth with Yuri
*Cast in Invicible Youth season 2 with HyoYeon.

*Sunny was born in Los Angeles,California,when she is still an infant they moved to Kuwait and then to South Korea during the Gulf War .

Sunny was a Trainee under a different entertaiment company bfore she transferred in SM Entertaiment.Afterseveral months of training under Sm entertaiment in 2007,Sunny debuted as a member of Girl Generation that a same year.She is the niece of SM ENTERTAIMENt's CEO,Lee Soo Man,and her father was once the manager of disbanded K-pop girl group Sugar.She was a C0-dj of Reckless Radio along with Sungmin Super Junior until the broadcast ended on the July 30,2008.Sunny appeared in Super Junior-H's music vdeo for "COOKING?COOKING~!!".Sunny  also sang the song "Finally Now" on the soundtrack for the movie Story Of Wine.

*Birth Name : Im Yoon-Ah
*Date Of Birth :May 30 1990 (30-03-1990)
*Discovery : 2002 Sm Saturday Open casting Audition
*School : Daeyang High School
*Position : Vocalist ,Lead dancer
Awards:2008 Korean Drama Festival:Netizan popularity Award,Best New actress(You are my destiny).
*Featured in Commercial,Music Vdeo.
*Featured in Shinee's Japanese Version of 'REPLAY"Mv
*To star  in the Upcoming drama "Love Rain" with Jang geun SEuk(expected to be aired this Year. .2012)

~Soo Young~

*Birth Name : Choi Sooyoung
*Date of Birth : February101990 (10-02-1990)
*Casted :2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo audition.
*School : Jungshin All-Girls High School.
*Position :Vocalist and Lead Dancer
*Debuted in Japan in the Duo Route(2002)
*Modelled for japan Chubbygang and Skooloks
*Starred in MBC sitcom Unstoppable Marriage

*Before Soo-Young audition's to Girl generation,she made a brief debut in Japan as a Singer in the Group called Route.She first debuted with Marina Takashi with the song "Start".While in Japan,she became close friends to Boa n Sunday from The Grace as they too were working in Japan as a singer at the time.Her High School Graduation was on February 10 2009.
~Hyo Yeon~

*Birth Name : Kim Hyoyeon
*Date Of Birth : September 22 1989 (22-09-1989)
*Discovery :2000 SM Casting system
*School :Studied in Beijing,China for Mandarin Chinese
*Position :Vocalist ,Main Dancer
*Boa shilhoute dancer during a performance at Km Festival Music 2005 "Pre-Debut-"
*Teamed Up with Jae Won for a dance collaboration to "Anomyous"_Pre-dEbut.
*Cast in Invicible Youth season 2 with Sunny.

*Hyoyeon once attended a hip hop dance school that specializes waving,popping,locking,and animation.
Prior to her debut,Hyoyeon travelled to Beijing,China in 2004 with Super Junior Siwon to learn Mandarin and more about Chinese culture.She's the one main dancer on Girl Generation.

                     *Birth Name : Kwon Yuri

*Date of Birth : December 5 1989 (05-09-1989)
*Discovery : 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest
*School :Neungok high School
*Position :Vocalist, Lead dancer
                   *Appeared in KM Super Junior Show The King Boyfriend(2005)|
*Featured in TVXQ's "Beautiful Life" Music Vdeo
*Hosted Music Core with Tiffany
*Paricipated In KBS Invicible Youth with Sunny
*Acted in Attack On The Pin Up Boys

*Yuri joined the label when she took 1st place in the 2001 1st Sm Youth Best Dancer Contest.Yuri also played a part in the sitcom Unstoppable Marriage with Soo Young. 

*/~okay That all for today. .
between all nine member of Girl Generation. .
I very Loved N Like Jessica Snsd. .Bcuz she very Pretty,Cute,Elegan. .n know about Fashion..
She Such as model to me. .
Okay See U Next tyme in Blog. .,

*Type By :- ShaSica Sone/Shafieka

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